Weapons at Anime Shogatsu

Props / Weapons and Cosplay go hand in hand, but as with all things which can potentially cause harm to others we have a simple process to keep everyone safe at the event:

All Props / Weapons MUST be checked in when entering the building. An Anime Shogatsu staff member will inspect weapons and props to ensure they are not real (REAL fire arms are not permitted at ANY time) dangerous, or can potentially harm others inadvertently. BB weapons must have an identifying cap on at all times and at NO times must they be loaded with pellets of any sort. This is the same with Nerf guns which have been modified for prop purposes.

Weapons / Props must be sheathed and peace bonded. When entering the building. Weapons may be pulled out to pose for photos but MUST be immediately returned once the photo has been taken.

If any of the guidelines above are violated the attendee will be warned and reminded of the offense. If the attendee continues to ignore the guidelines they will be asked to leave the event.

Thanks everyone for following these guidelines, we look forward to having a fun and safe event on January 20th at the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre!

AS Staff