Welcome to Anime Shogatsu 2018!

Celebrate the Anime New Year with us!

At the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre

January 20th 2018

Special Guests

Michaela Murphy
The Voice of Toph Beifong


Hiroko Puopolo
Certified Kimono Specialist


Ali Mahou


Phil Mizuno


Bamzy Cosplay


Grey Cosplay


Bear Sailor Moon


Pentakill Cosplay

What’s up everyone, I’m Jordan of PentaKill Cosplay from the GTA. My cosplay partner, Ali and I have been cosplaying for over six years now. You may recognize me from my Aatrox and Xerath cosplay from League of Legends, or my Thanos cosplay that I made for the Masters of Cosplay competition. I love building armour and making cosplays that become difficult to walk in. I love the craft and love to learn to craft. I’m an engineer by trade but I’ve devoted years to honing my cosplay craft in my spare time! The builds are hectic and stressful, but going to cons and sharing my love for the community with all the other con-goers makes it all worth it! See you all at the cosplay contest!

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